Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Baby-moon" April 2011

With the baby due in August, we decided to take one last big trip with just the two of us. We have been told that this is called a Baby-Moon. We cashed in some SkyMiles and booked a trip to Hawaii. We spent four nights on the Big Island and six nights in Kauai. We had a great time getting away together and spending time in such a beautiful location. Since Reini was only four months pregnant, we were able to be quite active and really enjoyed our time there.
We rented a kayak on the Big Island and paddled over to the Captain Cook monument. We saw some dolphins in the bay that were swimming within 15 feet of our kayak. It was awesome!
We saw some turtles while we snorkeled.
We went to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and stayed in this little cabin.
The cabin was 4000 feet above sea level and got quite cool at night. We had a fire each night to keep warm. It was fun and a unique activity in Hawaii.
We hiked to a lava cave in the park that was hundreds of feet long.
It was crazy to see all the new lava rock. This flow crossed a road several years back. Unfortunately, there wasn't any active lava while we were there.
We took a short hike to Akaka Falls.
After spending four days on the Big Island, it was shocking to see how green and lush Kauai is. It is a beautiful and relaxing island.
This was the view from the beach of our hotel.
Kauai has a large area that is privately owned or isn't accessible by car. We decided to take a helicopter tour to see the whole island. We flew over the entire island and even flew into the volcano crater. It was an amazing experience that we will never forget. This is something that should never be missed!
We flew over this waterfall that was on the movie Jurassic Park.
The most amazing part was flying over the Nepali Coast. This is on the North end of the island and has miles of green rocky cliffs. It was beautiful to see it from the sky.The next day, we hiked along the Nepali Coast. It was beautiful hike that took us to a remote beach. It was fun to see it from the ground after flying over it the day before.
Snorkeling at a beach near the Nepali Coast.
Beautiful view of the island with Reini showing of her little four month pregnant belly.
We did a tour where we tubed down some 100 year old irrigation ditches. It took us through some beautiful parts of the island.
There were several tunnels that tubed through. Some of them were over a half mile long.
We had a great time on our "Baby-Moon". We will miss having the flexibility to take off on vacations without worrying about little ones. But, we are so excited to welcome our little guy into our lives. We look forward to taking him on some great adventures in the future.


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