Monday, January 17, 2011

2010 Year in Review

We haven't been exactly diligent at keeping up on the blog this year. To make up for it, this post is going to summarize the entire previous year. Enjoy!


We took a quick weekend camping trip with friends to Moab in April. Moab is always great!


Jared was sent to Holland for a work trip, so we decided to make a vacation out of it. While Jared was at work, Reini spent the day shopping in Eindhoven. On the weekends and in the evenings, we did as much touring as possible. In Holland we went to Amsterdam, went to the Keukenhof Gardens (where we saw more tulips than you can imagine), saw windmills, and even sat in a giant wooden shoe.

In Belgium, we ate some amazing waffles, visited Brussels (where Jared ate some mussels), visited Bruges, saw the "Mannequin Pis" (yes, that is the real name), rode bicycles, and saw some more windmills.


Our niece, Marilee, graduated from High School in June. For a senior trip, her parents decided to take her and her brother sailing with us in the Virgin Islands. Since we absolutely LOVE sailing, we were more than happy to skipper a sailboat for them. Our flight to the Virgin Islands was routed through Puerto Rico, so we decided to spend a couple days there on our way down.
Puerto Rico was awesome! We did several hikes in the rain forest, saw a cool old fort, and went on a night time kayaking trip into a lagoon that is full of bioluminescence plankton. After dark, these microscopic plankton will glow when they are disturbed in the water. It was amazing! Just splashing in the water would make the plankton glow like magic!

Sailing in the British and US Virgin Islands is always an awesome trip. However, it turns out that it is rather HOT in June. In the future, we are going to stick with sailing in the winter. Everyone had a great time regardless of the weather. It's really easy to have fun when you are floating through beautiful tropical islands on your own sailboat.

We brought a climbing harness and hoisted our nephew, Kyle, up the mast. He took some sweet pictures from up there.


We have a tradition that rather than buying presents for each other for our anniversary, we go on a trip. This year, we went to Mesa Verde and Telluride. Both places provided a great escape from the August heat. Everything was beautiful and we enjoyed the time together for our Fifth Anniversary.

One of the big things to do in the Telluride area is to take a drive on some of the old mining roads. Most people call these "Jeep Roads" and claim that you can't drive them in anything that doesn't have a Jeep badge on it. We figured they were wrong and decided to take Reini's Honda Pilot on Imogene Pass, which is a road that goes from Telluride to Ouray. It is certainly a steep, rough road, but the Pilot did quite well. The only shortcoming of the Pilot is that it really needs low-range. The transmission got a little warm on the way up and the brakes got a little warm on the way down. But, other than that, it did great! We got some REALLY funny looks and comments from a bunch of people in Jeeps that were surprised the Pilot could make the trek. At 13,000 feet the view and the drive were breathtaking!

We can't stay away from Moab. We went camping with friends again in October. It was awesome.

Jared served his mission in Missouri and Kansas. We finally made it back there in October. We put 1200 miles on the rental car in just 4 days while driving around all of Jared's old areas. We got to spend some time with a member that he was close to as well as a family that he taught. He really enjoyed catching up with them and Reini was happy to finally meet them. We also visited the many church sites in Missouri (Independence, Far West, Adam-ondi-Ahman, and Liberty). And, we can't forget to mention the awesome barbecue that Kansas City is famous for!

Yes, it is that flat.
We are happy that we were able to spend a quiet Christmas at home visiting with friends and family.


Thanks for catching up with us. Hopefully we will be more on top of things this coming year!