Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pure Luck!

I learned from my sweet mother that you should enter as many contests/drawings as you can... so I do. Jared always laughs at me because I enter a TON of contests and get excited every time and never win! I figure that eventually my time and effort will be awarded.

Last month, for an entire week, I tried calling 107.9 twice a day, in hopes that I would be caller number 10. The very last day of the contest, I was caller number 1, then 3, and then 10!!! I won tickets to see.... Wahoo!!! I can't wait! It will be such a fun concert! The other night, I was listening to 107.9 while I was making dinner and they announced another concert. Adrenaline kicked in- I grabbed my cell phone and home phone. My heart was racing. Could I be caller number 10 again? This is how it went down: I was caller number 1 and then a few rings later, caller number 10! In July, Jared and I will be seeing...

I can't wait! All I can say is that it is PURE LUCK!