Sunday, January 24, 2010

Egypt (Day Nine)

Day Nine - Abu Simbel
We woke up today in Aswan. We caught a flight to Abu Simbel, had two hours to explore, then caught a series of 3 flights that finally took us to Sharm el-Sheikh. It was a long, but amazing, day!
As we were approaching the airport in Abu Simbel, we saw the Ramses II temple that we were coming to see.
This temple is another one that was going to be flooded when the Aswan dam was built. Again, UNESCO stepped in. They built a dam around the temple, dismantled it, built a fake mountain a few hundred yards away, and reassembled the temple on this fake mountain, exactly the same as it had been before.
We couldn't take pictures inside, but we were able to take a few through the door. The inside of the temple was the best we had seen in Egypt. The entrance was lined with large statues.

The giant statues guarding the entrance were meant to show the power of Egypt to people who were entering from other countries since this is right on the boarder of Egypt. It was meant to intimidate enemies. I bet it worked!
Seriously, these guys are huge!

It was crazy to think that the mountain surround the temple is man made.
Nefertari's temple is only about a 100 yards away. It was also quite amazing.

The view of these two temples side by side was incredible and completely worth the flight.
After we left Abu Simbel, we began the three fight trek to Sharm el-Sheikh. We missed one flight because the staff of Egypt Air are entirely inept.
Once we finally made it to Sharm el-Sheikh, we took a taxi to our hotel on the shore of the Red Sea. We had booked the cheapest room in the resort: a queen bed with a garden view. When we arrived at the front desk, the guy who checked us in smiled and said, "I have upgraded you to the suite." When we entered the room, we were shocked! We had a full kitchen, living room, giant bathroom, washing machine, king size bed, and two large balconies with a beautiful view of the Red Sea. We couldn't believe we got all of this for less than $100 a night!


Kristin said...

What on earth?! Could the guy checking you two into the hotel just tell that you were super nice people and THAT'S why he upgraded you?! That room is beautiful!!!

Cheetah said...

Dude! How come these pictures were not presented when we hung out? Why did we waste our time with Stonehenge????

Anyway, this is neato. That's what I'm getting at.