Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Egypt (Day Eight)

Day Eight - Aswan
Our Nile Cruise ended this morning, so we were back on our own. We decided to hit a few locations that the tour groups never go to.
We started the morning by hiring a boat to take us to a few sites on the Nile. The boat captain would take us to the sights and then wait for us to go to the next site.
Our first stop was the tombs of the nobles. The nobles were a step or two below the pharaohs, comparable to a governor. The tombs were built into cliffs that overlook the Nile.

We found that they are rarely visited since the stairs are almost completely covered in sand. Also, we were the only ones there.
We found that several of the tombs were locked. Two guards were willing to open the tombs and let us take pictures in exchange for a tip and a promise not to tell the other guards. It was well worth the small price!

It was fascinating to see the inside of these tombs that are rarely seen.
The colors inside are original and were amazing!
We found these baskets inside one of the tombs. They were filled with bones that appear to be human... but maybe they weren't?
This hieroglyph was unique since it shows a man with a crutch. We never saw anything like this anywhere else that we visited.
Some of the tombs had expansive exteriors as well.After the tombs, we went to a Nubian village that is on an island on the Nile. Nubians differ from Egyptians in that they are African and Egyptians are Middle Eastern. Nubians tend to stick together in their own villages. Our guide book told us that if we came to this village, the chief of the village, Hamdi, loves to talk to people about his culture. Sure enough, right as we walked into the village the guy in the photo above showed up and said that he was Hamdi and would like to show us around the village.
He took us into this guy's house who keeps baby crocodiles as pets.
Reini was a bit nervous to hold it.

Parts of the village were brightly colored.
While other parts were completely demolished and forgotten. It was so interesting to jump into a different culture without hoards of tourists.


Kristin said...

So cool! How do you guys think your geriatric cat would like it if you showed up with a baby alligator for a pet?

Dutson Fam said...

Wow! Your whole Egypt trip looks amazing! You guys are quite the travelers! Love the baby alligator. FUN!!!