Friday, December 11, 2009

Egypt (Day Six)

Day Six - Edfu & Kom Ombo

We started the day by touring the Temple of Horus in the city Edfu. Amazingly, this temple was covered in sand for thousands of years and wasn't discovered until the 1860's. It's shocking to think that something this large could be lost for that amount of time. Fortunately, this helped to preserve the temple.

Many of the ceilings were either still in place, or were easily repaired. This made it easy to image how the temple originally looked.

This is the Holy of Holies. It was the center of the temple and was where the people came to worship. The shrine is a reproduction, but it was neat to see how it looked in the temple.

The falcon statue is original and is in perfect condition. The detail in it is amazing.

This wall is one of the highest surviving pylons and stands about 125 feet high.
In the evening, we went to the Temple of Kom Ombo. It is unusual in that it is a double temple that is dedicated to two gods with two Holy of Holies side by side.
This hieroglyph is of the various medical instruments that the Egyptians used. Some of them are still used today. The two figures on the left are on birthing chairs. For thousands of year it was traditional for women to give birth in chairs like these.

This is considered the best hieroglyph in Egypt. The detail in the figures is incredible. Every muscle and detail is perfect.

It's fascinating that the detail in the columns has remained for so many years.

I just like this picture.


Cheryl and William said...

So amazing- I about cried looking at your photos as I can see the immense detail, and I'm not even there! yet :-)

Neil and Steph said...

Very cool! Keep it coming! Who needs to visit Egypt when we can just look at your blog? You're a great tour guide.

B. said...

Man. Egypt.

Camille said...

Reini - I enjoyed your Christmas card. You guys are so much more adventurous than we are! What an exciting life you lead. I look forward to seeing where you'll go in 2010.

-- Cousin Camille

Amy said...

Where is Day 7??? :)

Kristin said...

Wow. Yet another great post! An entire building buried in sand for that long? Incredible. I lost my KEYS in the sand once and thought it was a miracle when I found them. Imagine an entire building....