Sunday, August 9, 2009

Alaska Cruise

July 17-24 we went on an cruise to Alaska with Reini's mom, her two younger brothers, her aunt and uncle, and her grandparents. We had a great time hanging out with the family! The cruise was beautiful and a great escape from the heat in Salt Lake!

Day 1: Cruising the Inside Passage
We woke up the first day to find the ship surprisingly close to shore while sailing through the Inside Passage. It was breathtaking!
Reini's brothers spent a good part of the day looking for killer whales.
Day 2: Ketchikan, Alaska
Ketchikan is a charming little town and happens to be the fourth largest city in Alaska.
We saw a lot of bald eagles, It was awesome to see them in the wild.
We went on a zipline tour through the rain forest with Reini's mom and brothers. It was a blast!
While on the ziplines, we saw this black bear walking through the woods.
After we got back on the ship, the cruise was offering a free round of Bingo (it usually cost $30). We each got a single free bingo card. Reini won $141 after they had only called six numbers!
Day 3: The Hubbard Glacier
Instead of stopping at a port, the cruise ship took us within about 1/3 mile of the Hubbard Glacier. It was crazy to see all of the ice floating in the water while we were approaching the glacier. Occasionally, the ship would hit a small piece and you could hear a small thud on the side of the boat (we were going too slow to do any damage).
The glacier was HUGE! It is about 200 feet tall. Every once in a while, a giant piece of ice the size of a house would break off and go crashing into the water. It was amazing. Some of the ice had a deep blue color. The photo above only shows some of the color (I don't have photoshop installed, so I can't bring the color up to where it belongs. You'll have to imagine!)
It was mighty cold for the 20th of July!
Day 4: Juneau, Alaska
We went on a beautiful seven mile hike in a rain forest by the Mendenhall Glacier (the glacier is the white thing in the middle of the above picture).
The rain forest was incredibly lush!
After our hike, we went on a cable car ride to the top of a mountain above Juneau. We had a great view of the town, mountains, and our ship.
Day 6: Victoria, British Columbia
In Victoria, we went on a whale watching tour where we got pretty close to countless killer whales that were all swimming together.
It was amazing to see them all swimming together. Way better than Sea World!
All week long: Dining room fun!

Everyone became experts at the spoon on the nose trick, including Reini's brother and mom......her aunt...... and even her grandma. Needless to say, we had a good time dining together!

Also, Jared and Reini's brothers all tried the various "specialties" on the menu including frog legs. It turns out that frog legs are delicious!


Amy said...

What an awesome trip! I love the picture of the bear even though I would have been completely terrefied! The top picture is so pretty of you two.

Cheryl and William said...

I LOVE the glaciers! I so now want to go on one of those cruises!

Katy & Mike said...

I'm so jealous! Looks like an awesome trip, and these are great pictures. So cool that you saw a bear while on the zipline!

Heidi said...

Glad you're home safe - the third pic of Reini's brother is amazing - I love it! Can't wait to see you both!

a.t.a said...

What great pictures! Looks like a very fun trip. No wonder we haven't seen you two for a while, except for a wave the other day!

McDonald's - Life as WE Know IT! said...

I love all your adventures and that you share with us! This way I can live through you!

Brooke said...

Looks like so much fun, am so jealous. Its on my list to do, but after seeing your pictures, it think it just moved up. Are we going to do a BBQ?

Jamie said...

I am so jealous! I want to go on an Alaskan cruise so bad. Looks like from your blog you two have traveled the world already! where are you working now? I should call you with all my baby questions!

Christi said...

Looks like fun!