Sunday, September 14, 2008

Feline Gerontology 101

We learned a bit this week about the health problems that a 17-year-old cat can have. (Yes, that's right, our cat, Cody, is 17-years-old. Jared has had him since he was in the sixth grade.) On Monday, Cody was quite sick and lethargic. We were worried. After the first trip to the vet, we were told that his ailment may in fact be "Feline Diabetes". After an extensive and expensive blood workup, we found out that Cody does not suffer from diabetes. Also, the vet was surprised by how good his health is for a cat his age. It turned out that his illness was nothing more than a toothache caused by poor oral hygiene. On Friday he had his first trip to the dentist. The vet put him under, cleaned his teeth, and ending up pulling one tooth. $400 later he is a happy cat again!