Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 4

My butt has been kicked... this is how I feel after day 4 of Boot Camp! I came home and cried to Jared. He reassured me that boot camp is all about breaking down a person and then building them back up... it is sure working! Today I wanted to turn the 20 lb vest in and never go back.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Boot Camp...

After much convincing and encouragement, I signed up for boot camp (thanks Katy). I arrived this morning at 4:50 and wondered if I knew what I had gotten myself into. The class is designed to be intense, with a mixture of cardio and weight training everyday. The atmosphere is similar to that of The Biggest Loser. There were three other girls in the class with one trainer, might I add that had such an incredible shape and she is probably only 25! Slightly intimidating...

For the next hour, we were constantly moving. We started by running on the treadmill for 1/2 a mile and then were in the middle of the room where there were 6 different exercises we had to rotate doing. After we would do 2 exercises for 2 minutes each (lunges, running with medicine balls, scissor kicks, stationary squats, etc), we were back on the treadmill sprinting for a period of 20 secs with a 10 sec break in between, repeated 4 times!

This activity of treadmill/floor exercises lasted about 50 minutes. We then did abs and stretches as the next class arrived. To make boot camp even more difficult, this entire week, I have to wear a 20 lb vest while working-out! I could hardly run, jump, or do lunges without falling over... This morning was pure torture! To top that off, if you forget to bring your towel or water bottle to class or with you during the floor exercises, there are consequences. In between each exercise, we have to run to the next event, if there is any walking, there will be push-ups or whatever the instructor feels like. Towards the end of the class, we all walked over to the treadmill and had to do 10 push-ups... I will never walk again in that class!

When I was leaving, there was a piece of paper with 3 names on it stating, "you owe me 2,000 ft on Jacob's ladder, 1,000 sit-ups, and 600 push-ups... do it when you arrive." I am not sure what those 3 people did, but it was a good lesson for me, to always listen to the instructor and do as I am told!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Reini is Officially an RN!

On Monday, August 11, Reini took the NCLEX exam. This is the grueling exam that must be passed in order to receive the title of "Registered Nurse". Reini had studied for, well, it seems like she studied forever! She was worried sick as she went to the test, but she was cautiously excited that all of her studying would finally pay off. Upon exiting the test, she was certain that she didn't pass. (Of course, this is one of those tests that makes almost EVERYONE feel like they didn't pass. Those of you who are RN's (or are married to one) I'm sure can sympathize.) Before I left for work at 6:30 Wednesday morning, I checked online to see if her results had been posted. Sure enough she had passed and was officially an RN. Even though this was Reini's day off, I pulled her out of bed, dragged her into the office, and sat her down in front of the computer. She immediately started to cry. She is ecstatic! I am ecstatic! And, I am so proud of her! She put everything she had into this test and it payed off. Way to go nurse Reini!

P.S. We are way behind on our blog. Don't worry, we'll catch up... now that Reini doesn't have to study anymore!!!