Sunday, May 25, 2008


Floating dock that broke.

After five days of sailing, we had Thursday and Friday to explore the island of Skiathos on our own. (This island is were the movie Mama Mia was filmed).
Thursday morning we were rudely awakened by the sound of the neighboring sailboat crashing into our boat. We jumped out of bed and found that the chains holding the two piers together broke. The other boat was tied to the floating pier and it had began to drift away, swinging its bow into the side of our boat. The damage was minimal, but the workers had to spend several hours repairing the dock.
After our early morning, we spent the rest of the day resting on the beach. It was very relaxing.
The following day we rented a Jeep and explored the island. About half of the roads on the island are unpaved and lead to little beaches with only a few people on them. It was great to venture through this beautiful island.
Over the last week on little Greek islands, we have grown to love the Greek people. They are so kind and hospitable. Two workers at a restaurant on Skiathos would always yell out to us as we walked by, "Hey Americans!" We love it here.


Anonymous said...

Reini so glad you found our blog so we can keep in touch. My number is still the same. Sorry I didn't call you back I am a flake.