Friday, May 9, 2008

More from Venice!

View from the Rialto Bridge.

Beautiful flowers found in the Rialto Market.

One of the many times we stopped for delicious gelato!


Attempt #2 at the blog... last night was rough seeing that it was late and we were being charged per minute. The trip thus far has been incredible! The first half of the morning was spent feeding the pigeons in the square and wondering the streets, looking for the perfect painting.

It was difficult leaving Venice. Both Jared and I fell in love with the magic and charm that is felt while walking through the streets of Venice. It was romantic being in this city with the one I love the most.

This afternoon, we took the train to Florence. We are staying in our first hostel.... what a fun experience! The rooms are darling, the internet is free, the manager is hilarious, and there is even a washing machine! We are looking forward to seeing David tomorrow and the other tourist sites.

We love and miss you all!


lynda davis said...

Hello from SLC! Venice looks beutiful in the spring. Easy to tell that you two are enjoying the Italian lifestyle. Live it up! We miss and love you! MOM

Everett says he is jealous.

Matt says why couldn't you take us? LUCKY!

lynda davis said...

Just to let you know...while you are exploring ancient ruins and viewing historic pieces of art...we are pulling weeds!
love, MOM

jaynebb said...

You two look so happy, and the weather looks great. Thank you for your blog. It lets us all travel to Europe through you. This is the the least I have ever spent on a European Vacation.
Flat Stanley was a stow-away in your backpack, but when you went through the Airport Security, he accidently got put back in someone elses suitcase, and he ended up on vacation in Seattle of all places. He sure wishes he could have been with you. It looks like you are having so much fun.
If you can't live it up, make sure you can live it down.