Monday, May 12, 2008

Cinque Terre and Pisa

The City of Vernazza.
The view from the hiking trail above Vernazza.
Entering the city of Monterosso Al Mare.
In front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
I just love this picture, so I had to post it...

We spent yesterday at Cinque Terre, located on the Mediterranean. What a beautiful place! Cinque Terre means "5 cities," each city can be reached by foot, train, or ferry. We stayed in Vernazza and took a two hour hike to the neighboring city, Monterosso. We fell in love with the quaint town and incredible views. We felt right at home because we were by the ocean...

Today we saw Pisa. It was fun watching everyone taking the classic picture of holding the tower up. Of course, we took that picture too, but it is on the other camera. Afterwards, we drove to a secluded city, where we were the only tourists. It was nice to see what Italian life is really like. AND when you visit a place not populated by tourists, the gelato is DIVINE!!! They topped the ice cream off with a heavy cream.... it really was a little piece of heaven. You would have loved it mom!


lynda davis said...

I was waiting to say the word JEALOUS, because I might have to say it again...but I am JEALOUS! The country looks amazing. I'm thrilled for you two! will never guess what I got for Mother's Day...from Everett...are you guessing? Well you'll never I'll tell you...a GUINEA PIG! Yes...I almost wet my pants! I feel confident in saying that I am the only mom out there that got such a GREAT that keeps on giving!
His offical name is Sturgis. He looks like he could ride a Harley!

I am sorry about your fish. I wonder what happened???

I love you, MOM (the Guinea Pig can call yourself that when you have more than one!)

lynda davis said...

Hi! The weather here is beautiful. The blossoms are in full bloom and the temp is in the 70's. Your book arrived today.
I love you, MOM

lynda davis said...

Waiting for more...
Love, MOM

Diane M. Butterfield said...

I love that you are able to share such an amazing adventure together – and that you are so in love with each other, the trip and gelato! Your pictures are wonderful, we love seeing them and you.

Great times – great life – love you both,


Diane M. Butterfield said...

Off to Athens today!?! - Smooth sailing!

Today is Josh’s birthday and we will have family dinner here for him Sunday as well as for my daughter Erin (it’s her birthday on Sunday.)

We will all miss you but somehow I don’t imagine you will be thinking too much about Sunday dinner as you are yachting from Skiathos Port! Truly – enjoy the journey!

Love you - Diane

Jake and Mal said...

Reini! I randomly stumbled onto your blog. That is awesome that you guys are in Europe! So does your Mom have a blog? I see that she has left you guys a few messages. Tell everyone hi for me!