Saturday, May 24, 2008


Skipper Jared!

We're official.... we're skippers!

We flew to the island of Skiathos to take a sailing course through the neighboring Greek Isles. The course was designed to give us the skills and abilities we need to handle a boat on our own. We were often reminded by our British instructor, "You are on a course, not a holiday." His words rang true each day as we were focused on learning from sun up to sundown. Nonetheless, we still had a marvelous time laughing with our three British classmates. After 5 intense days, we can now charter a sailboat in any part of the world!
On our last day of sailing, several dolphins swam right next to our boat. Two of them followed us for a while and even came right up to the bow of the boat to check us out. They would swim from side to side on the bow of the boat and were about 3 feet from the side of the boat at one point. It was amazing!
Sorry about the lack of pictures. The Greek Islands are absolutely beautiful, but the great pictures are on the other camera...


Cheryl and William said...

"Look- I'm sailing!" :-) And you even now know how to do the real thing :-) I think that you will both need to take William and I sometime . . .

Kath said...

Ahoy Skippers from your shipmates now back in Blighty! It was MARVELLOUS to meet you both and we can vouch for how hard you both worked on your "holiday". May you never have to display a diamond between 2 balls! Love Kath & Maddy xx